Today I felt like I really got my feet under the desk. So with that under the belt, it was home for another milestone.

CJ has been calming down in his cot, less rolling about and tossing and turning. So we decided it might be time for a big boy bed.

When we brought his cot, we got a true cot rather than bed version, so in theory it wasn’t designed to have the side taken off.

Rubbish to that. A couple of modifications, a few cheep parts from ikea and off came the side. It’s just perfect.

He was so excited it was hard to contain him.

That was, right up until time to sleep, when he briefly lost his nerve.

But a couple of minutes to cuddle monkey and he was sound asleep, entirely forgetting about his new found freedom.

I can’t wait to see how he reacts in the morning.

Will he get himself up to play with his toys?

Or will we be woken with a heavy thud at 2am?