Night one in CJ’s big boy bed went vey well. He didn’t fall out, didn’t get out (even in the morning) and Puddle stayed in the cot.

The only issue is that he doesn’t realise he needs to keep the covers on and pushed them off, only to wake up cold during the night. Up until now, we have had him in a sleepbag, so his covers always moved with him and he could push them off.

Fingers crossed he figures it out soon – but in the meantime we will just make sure he has a vest on under his pj’s so he doesn’t get cold in the night again!

The really positive thing is that he loves being able to climb in and out – every time we go into his room he runs and jumps into his cot! I guess it won’t be long before he figures out he can climb out once he wakes up and that he doesn’t have to wait for me to come in and get him.