Today we babysat our almost-3 year old great nephew while his mum and dad went to a wedding. He was so good …….. enthusiastic and inquisitive with a delightful giggle, and very was easy as everything was ‘I like’ or ‘I don’t like’ so we knew exactly what to do 🙂

First stop was the Christmas Grotto where the train tracks were a definite highlight for little boys. Not a grotto with a real santa to take xmas stocking orders, but a traditional grotto in a local church hall full of many wonderful displays.

Then we went home for afternoon tea, picked up molly, and off to a park where molly could chase her ball and E could ride his bike – really really fast, especially down the grassy slopes!!

Then tea, bath, books and bed for a very weary wee boy. He had a good day and we loved having a little one to entertain.