We headed into Edinburgh today to find CJ a kilt – something we have been meaning to do since we moved up. It didn’t take to long to find the perfect one and S2 has plans to make the accessories to match.

With the kilt found, we headed off for some lunch and then down to the Xmas winter wonderland in the Xmas markets. This time we decided to take CJ through the Xmas tree maze – a maze lined with Xmas trees and lights! He loved it, we just let him and puddle run up and down and all around – only helping when he looked really stuck. In the centre of the maze was the elf workshop and a little present for CJ. Then it was off to the Xmas train again, there was no way we could leave without taking him on the train again! Unfortunately, the excitement of the maze and Waving to the train while waiting in line, was a little too much and he was almost asleep during his train ride. But we still got a few smiles and giggles!

After a quick dash to a couple of stores, it was then home for dinner and bed.