And we’re off to Aviemore for Christmas.

The weather report was not looking the best for driving. The first hour went surprisingly easily – there was not much traffic, no rain or snow and CJ asleep! Things changed as we got nearer to the pass up to Aviemore – there was signs of snow on the roadside.

Then we hit the blizzard – everything was white – it was a very pretty picture but a little scary to drive in. Luckily CJ woke up in time to see all the white out of the car window.

When we arrived to the hotel, we checked in and then headed to the Aviemore village centre for a late lunch. It is a beautiful little village and it was even better in the snow. After lunch, we then headed to a gorgeous little pub for a quick drink before heading back for the kids club (for R &I) and a late dinner.

CJ lasted until about the starter before he drifted off to sleep (about 2 hours later then normal). R&I were very good when they got back from the kids club and didn’t wake him – although I did want to get close and check that he was asleep!

Then it was off to bed… So Santa would visit!