The day started early as CJ decided he was hungry but didn’t want to go back to sleep after his milk. So the best option was to start the day off by opening a couple of presents. We then headed over to F&V&R&I’s room to unwrap some more gifts and our Xmas stockings before heading down for some breakfast.

However, breakfast was a quick affair as there was some jingling from outside – Santa’s and his reindeer had arrived. That’s right, Santa’s reindeer arrived pulling his sleigh on the way home to the North Pole. Not even the rain could dampen the kids spirits. Santa then moved inside to give all the kids a presents.

As we were a late booking CJ had to wait until the end as his name hadn’t been added to the list, so we used this time to visit the reindeer. CJ was even allowed to sit in the sleigh – however he wasn’t go keen. The staff were in hysterics as Elvis (the reindeer) didn’t even finch when CJ started crying.

Then it was in to see Santa, however by this time poor CJ had exhausted himself and he started to fall asleep while waiting for his turn. His name was called and sure enough, he sat on Santa’s knee and while S2 was taking his photo he drifted off!

After a quick recharge nap in the room, CJ was then ready to go and spent the afternoon running around the foyer/bar area, playing with his toys, and chasing his cousins round.

A quick change and we then headed off for dinner, with plenty of Xmas crackers and bad jokes everyone had a great time.

A kids disco ended the night. CJ didn’t really get the disco, so he continued running round the foyer/bar area and entertaining himself with the luggage trolley.

Hours after CJ’s normal bedtime, we finally went up to the room and he fell straight asleep!

Thanks F&V&R&I and M for a great Xmas day!