After the excitement of the last couple of days CJ was understandably a little tired this morning. He helped us pack up the room but was less enthusiastic about joining his cousins in the swimming. Normally he would giggle and splash and want to stay in, but today he only lasted a few minutes before deciding it was time to get out.

Luckily we had planned it so that once he was out of the pool, we would hit the road to F&V&R&I for the Boxing Day celebrations.

After sleeping the whole way back, CJ was on great form when we arrived. After unpacking the cars, we unwrapped some more presents. CJ was very spoilt by F&V&R&I – they gave him a ride on fire truck, which has a mechanical ladder arm that moves up & down and side to side. But it’s party trick is that it sprays water from its hose! After starting off a bit hesitant, he now loves it.

We were joined for the rest of the evening with V’s brother and his family. Once all the kids were in bed, out came the board games and the fun times!

Thanks all for a great night!