Day eight backblipped

Docked at Puerto Quetzal then drove to this amazing UNESCO World Heritage city of Antigua in Guatamala.

The city was destroyed by an earthquake in 1773, but its principle monuments are retained today as ruins.

The narrow cobblestone roads have been retained, some of the old buildings are occupied, and the new buildings are totally in keeping with the heritage status of the city.

Unfortunately we only had half an hour of free time to explore and walk through the narrow one-way streets. The walking we did was challenging as the street hawkers were very oppressive, but very friendly and non-threatening. Our usual trick of buying something early so they wouldn’t hassle us anymore didn’t work this time – they all persevered, gave us one of their delightful smiles, then said “just buy one from me” 🙂

Loved the buildings, the community laundry, the colours, and the markets

………and yes, we did come away with a bag full of trinkets plus wonderful memories of a very unique location.