CJ has been so spoilt this Christmas.

He’s been so amazingly good through such a tough year that we couldn’t help but find him some treats for his new life in the North.

Today we gave him his final special gift, a 7″ tablet.

He loves our iPads, but I am out of space on mine and use it for work so don’t let him play on it. That means S1 has a battle for hers and it’s only time until he drops/smashes it.

So, the best solution seemed to be get him a kid specific one.

He was amazed when we gave it to him tonight. But his face when we showed him it was loaded with Fireman Sam was priceless.

One very very happy boy.

The funny thing is, it came loaded with a bunch of games designed just for kids. Great we thought, until we realised they are all aimed at 3 year olds and older. Apparently a tablet for a 1 year old wasn’t anticipated.