Day ten backblipped

Costa Rica was a surprise – very tidy, wealthy but not opulent, local homes and gardens were large and very tidy, not at all like other sub tropical countries we have visited.

In 1948 Costa Rica disbanded its army and invested the saved money in education and health. This decision has enabled the country to become progressive, healthy and wealthy, with a large proportion of the population having university degrees. The main export product used to be bananas, but now it is silica chips (big surprise!!). Very impressive, and it is obvious that this country is unique in Central American.

We drove from Puntarenas through the volcanic countryside to visit a tropical rain forest with swing bridge walkways over the forest, had lunch at a beautiful tropical garden, then stopped to see a local swimming river – complete with crocodiles about 5m long!!!

We didn’t see as many animals as we expected as we were in the forest in the heat of the day and the animals were having their siesta, but the country is definitely beautiful 🙂