Day fourteen backblipped

As soon as we left the Panama Canal and headed into the Carribbean Sea we hit some very rough seas, and storms. We have not been bothered by it, but there has been a shortage of passengers at meals, and some of the new crew members are struggling to find their sea legs.

GD thought he would not handle rough seas, but has had no problem – maybe his body has adjusted and learnt to cope with rocking and rolling through the earthquakes!!

The outside decks and bars have been closed, the pool is half empty because the water sloshed all over the deck. The upper decks of the ships are rocking and rolling like a roller coaster, and the lower decks are crashing and bashing as we hit and fall over each wave. Could almost be exciting!!

Thank goodness for stabilisers on the ship ………. and that the peaceful Pacific Ocean lived up to its name 🙂