Today we decided to go and explore the Edinburgh Zoo and what a day of amazement CJ had.

First we stopped at the monkey house to look at all the different monkeys. He was fascinated by their consent movement and how some looked like Puddle. It took a bit of convincing the get him to leave.

Next we moved to the penguin pool – they were swimming and diving and waddling. Again CJ was hooked.

We had to drag him away to go see the Giant Pandas – who were asleep so didn’t hold CJ’s attention of long.

After a quick stop for lunch, poor CJ ran out of steam looking at the rhinos and had a nap in the buggy while we went to look at the bigs cats – we even found some that were just like Pixel!

Then we stumbled upon the Otters! These are our favourites, so we decide CJ had napped for long enough. Sure enough, as soon as he’d seen them he wouldn’t leave! He just kept pointing at them and saying up so we would pick him up to look over the enclosure fence.

We could have stayed there for the rest of the day, however we noticed a crowd of people and went to investigate. It was the penguin parade! They open the gates and let the penguins go for a walk around the park. It was so cool to see these little guys up close!

Then it was back to see the panda walk outside to continue sleeping.

And then it was home time. Luckily we brought seasons passes so we can go back and see all the other animals that we missed today.

And I am sure CJ would love to see his new friends again also