Day fifteen backblipped

An easy day wandering across Key West from the port to the beach. The island is about 6km by 3km so we probably only walked about 5 km.

Hard to choose a photo so asked gd what the highlights were:

1. Seafood lunch – and watching the world go by at Pinchers Crab shack, along with a Pina Colada and a couple of beers (we only ordered one beer but there was a two for one special, so two arrived ….. and what could we do but drink them !!!!)

2. Getting soaked by a rogue wave at the Southernmost point of the USA – surprised with the beaches as we expected long white sandy beaches, not little seaweed covered areas with rough waves pounding in.

3. The closest gift shop to Cuba which was full of quirky souvenirs – plus a lot of very nice art stores (but no purchases for us)

4. The fun atmosphere of music in pubs and on the streets, and the relaxed, holiday feeling around the wee village.