Tonight we decided to give him a starter of few mussels to see what he would do, expecting them to end up on the floor. To our shock and surprise he picked one up, opened it, pulled out the mussel and ate it without hesitation. Then in a matter of seconds he was repeating the process with the next one, and the next, until the bowl was empty. Well it was empty until he placed all the empty shells back in, as if to say “more please”.

As he enjoyed them so much, S2 quickly cooked some more – and sure enough they disappeared in the same timely fashion!

It was a nice way to end the day, after it started with CJ’s worst swimming lesson ever – a combination of tiredness, lack of recent swimming and sore teeth meant all he wanted to do was cling on and refused to do any swimming – most unlike him. After swimming we had a love stroll around Roslyn Chapel, before heading home.