Today I walked past a Ferrari 458, a new M5, and a Lexus ISF, and as I'd expect all car-obsessed people would do, I smiled, thought to myself 'nice car', slowed down my pace to admire them, but didn't stop.

I later walked past this intruiging pillarless classic Merc, and rather than just smile and carry on, I stopped to take a photo to share on a Pistonheads Facebook Group of other car-minded friends.

It wasn't in concours condition, it wasnt original, but in its own way it was very cool, especially amongst the boring euroboxes parked around it.

You just know the owner will be a car person and therefore I'm sure they wouldn't mind me sharing it with Blip.

To some it might seem an odd thing to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one on here who finds themselves taking photos of random interesting cars 🙂