I swear this takes me back.

As a child, when Mum did some baking, there was a close eye on the kitchen in case condensed milk was used.

If the coveted can came out of the cupboard, there was a pack of hungry hyenas waiting to lick up the scraps.

My father dishing out the magical teaspoons from the bottom of the tin.

I remember my father telling me that he used to take his pocket money and head to the local dairy to buy a can and would eat the lot.

Many years on, and the only thing that has changed is my role in the story. S1 broke out the tin for a Key Lime Cheescake (to go with my superbowl sunday hot bbq wings no less). Within moments of the tin being opened, CJ and I were queuing in the kitchen.

CJ would do anything for a spoon, I had to fight him off just to get my share.

Happy memories, in more ways than one.