We recently got a 365 book printed.

It covers the first year of CJ’s life, day by day.

It’s a thing of beauty. Every time I open it I find myself just marvelling at each page, turning them carefully like it’s a family heirloom passed through hundreds of years.

We don’t lead exciting lives. We are just ordinary people with daily lives. Yet already I look back on the small moments filling the pages and they melt my heart. As time goes on and he grows up those simple moments grow more important to me, so to have a book full of them is a thing of amazing joy.

We have firends with children on the way, we have told them all to sign up. Most of them have. I’m so happy to think we may have passed on something so beautiful to others.

If you have a journal already, then I cannot recommend one of these nearly enough. They are simply beautiful.