It all started 6 years ago.

Well, actually, it started 17 years ago. But this bit started 6 years ago.

On our first anniversary we celebrated with paper. I gave my beautiful wife a message in a bottle. That was part 1.

A year later we threw it into the sea for our 2nd anniversary.

If it ever turned up, she was allowed to open part 2. But there was also a 5 year backup clause…

Which brings us to tonight, our 7th anniversary.

And so, tonight she got to open the envelope and finally get her ‘paper’ anniversary gift. Tucked up inside were parts 2 and 3.

Part 2, a letter and the “paper” itself. A small piece of torn receipt with a phone number scribbled on it.

The first thing she ever gave me, finally given back to her.

I’d kept it safe and sound for the last 17 years, and now it was hers again. I had sourced a small glass bottle pendant for it. So we rolled it up and placed it inside. A message in a bottle for her to keep.

And part 3, another letter…

But she gets to keep that for another day.

My beautiful wife, 17 beautiful years.

Here’s to many many more.