I have always been a keen gardener but, with 4 males in the house, I made a decision that I would not mow the lawns. That is men’s work.

However I’m in Hanmer on my own, and gd’s last instructions were “do not mow the lawns”. When I said I’ll see what they look like, and how I feel, the next instruction was “if you do mow them them push the red button 5 times with the throttle on start and the mower will then start first pull”. Yeah right I thought – with my weak hands and neck!!

However the lawn was not too bad but the very pretty flowering weeds definitely needed their heads chopped off, so out came the mower.

Hey presto – push lever to start, pump red button 5 times, pull cord ………….. and putt putt putt putt putt.

So easy – makes me wonder why I didn’t mow the lawns and let the boys do the heavy gardening work!!!

I seem to have restarted a theme that I used to follow – each day I use one feature from the day before’s blip – today it is red (and yesterday was red & green, which linked to the previous day ). For me, finding a blip is much easier if I have a theme to focus on.