Every night before bed, CJ gets to wave out the windows in his room to say goodnight to the street and to the moon and stars. He loves it and gets really excited the nights the moon is out.

Spent all night working out how much we can offer on a house we like. Combined with a lot of time on the weekend and yet we still aren’t there yet… We just need to sleep on it.

We have only had a week to decide how much to offer…

I call this the car park problem. In an early job I remember being in one meeting, spending an hour deciding to run a million dollar promotion.

Meanwhile in another room a 3 hour meeting was deciding whether or not to reseal the car park for $10k.

Magic numbers: After a certain value, money and numbers become a bit meaningless and you spend less time on the decisions on big dollar values when are part of even bigger deals than you would if they were smaller stand alone numbers.

In that note, after months of looking I finally brought a film camera I was after on the weekend. It was a steal at £10, I saved a whopping £6 on the one I lost a few months ago.

Hmmmm, months to buy a £10 camera, and a week to bid on a house? Something’s wrong here.