Today we headed into Edinburgh central to do a couple of errands and have a look around. We took the buggy, but let CJ started off walking. Every 10 mins or so we would ask him if he wanted to get into the buggy. His answer was always “no, no, no”.

After a while we could tell he was getting a little tired, so he agreed to go on S2’s shoulders for a while. But it wasn’t long before he wanted down to walk again. So we wandered through the park to look at the daffodils which have appeared and he was fascinated by the colours!

Then it was off to the butchers, where he had great fun carrying the basket with the chickens we were buying around the shop.

By now CJ was very tired but refused to go into the buggy. As we were only 10 mins from the car, S2 decided to put him back on his shoulders. Unfortunately he didn’t make the car, he didn’t even make it 3 mins down the road before he was snoring away…

It really is amazing where the fall asleep when they crash!