Cyclone Lusi battered us last night so there wasn’t a lot of sleep with the wind crashing and the heavy rain. The high tide was about 8 this morning and the wild sea was crashing over the road.

This photo is the road outside our place, but the road further along is closed because a hotel and several cafes are flooded. It was a challenge trying to take photos this morning as it was raining and the wind was so strong I could barely stand up.

When we went to bed there were 3 boats moored in the bay, but this morning there was only one ………… one is smashed on the rocks at the end of our beach, and the other is jammed under a culvert 🙁

The worst of the storm is now over but we still have heavy rain and wind, and the seas are very rough, but the forecast says by Monday we will be back to normal sunny weather. Hope everyone else in NZ is okay as the storm passes.