Yesterday’s post brought a surprise gift from Wales.

With it came two stories:

Ty Bach is Welsh for “little house” and refers to the dunny/longdrop/outhouse at the bottom of the yard.

Our wee bach in Hanmer is now going to have a new name 🙂

But I hope it doesn’t get too sh….ty about that!!!

Just in case it does I will have to carry my new bag to cheer it up ……..

I knew the Germans greeted each other with a firm handshake

and the French with a gentle kiss on each check,

and the maori’s hongi

while the Welsh cwtch …………. and I didn’t know that!!

What a fabulous word – I must remember to use it whenever I can 🙂

Thanks so much K&P – we are delighted with your unexpected gift.

We certainly enjoyed the time we spent with you and hope that one day we will meet again.

……and a lensbaby blip especially for pianopete 🙂