Today we headed over the bridge to explore the Isle of Skye. After a slow start to the morning (and a failed trip to a closed distillery), our first stop was for some lunch. CJ was very well behaved in the restaurant, although he decided that I should eat his meal rather than him and he did have a small incident while drinking from a cup – but I think it surprised him more than us!

After lunch we headed to Dunvegan Castle for a look around. While wondering the gardens we found the boat launch and the trip to see the seals! So we jumped into the boat and took a lovely ride out to see all the seals – although CJ decided they were dogs and kept pointing and saying Dog, Dog – we comprised and agreed to call them sea dogs.

On the way back up to the castle I stopped at the boat store and we purchased CJ a sea dog soft toy to take home – he was an instant hit and CJ wouldn’t let go of him all day!

After having a look inside the castle we headed to the local Tannery where we saw how to make a sheepskin. CJ was particularly interested in brushing them, although did get a little confused about whether he should also brush his hair?

Upon leaving the tannery we headed up the coast to find the Witching Stone and an amazing view over the bay!

It was then time to head home – all a little exhausted after a busy day.