Today it was time to move onto our next stop of our holiday – Aviemore, via Nessie Land.

The journey started by heading to see Nessie. We all had a great time going through the Nessie Discovery Centre and learnt a lot about the different “sightings” of Nessie! We were even lucky enough to have our own sighting! As it was a lovely day we had a picnic lunch, mainly so CJ could have a good run around before we headed to our next stop – a whiskey distillery.

S2 and Grandad went on a tour around the distillery, so CJ and I amused ourselves with the toy box and found a collection of puzzles and board games that provided plenty of entertainment until we were ready to leave.

We arrived at our Aviemore hotel with just enough time for a quick swim before heading out to a local pub for a lovely dinner.

And the most important job of the day was picking up CJ his evening milk on the way home from dinner – CJ was very protective of his milk and insisted on carrying to the room himself!