The big event for the day is what you can’t see.

We stopped at the highlands wildlife park on the way home. We had seen about 1/2 of it when S1’s phone went.

It was our lawyer. Today was the completion date on our new house, we had to transfer the money by 2pm… it was almost noon…

Sure enough, the low lifes at Santandeer had screwed up our mortgage for the fourth fifth, I’ve lost count how manyth times.

With 2 hours to go for our deadline, we still didn’t have any money or the correct paperwork.

Anyway, S1 hit the phone with gnashing teeth. She was assured it would be sorted… but screw the process as we no longer trust them one bit. So she dialled the direct line for the senior manager we have already been escalated up to before and made it her problem.

Granddad and I took CJ to see the tiger while S1 did her own impression of one.

We were back in the car and heading “home” before we finally got a call from the lawyer confirming that we did indeed have a new home.

I know I should have been excited, but after so many problems with the bank in getting this far, I was just relieved.

So it was back to Edinburgh, where we now officially own a house. A lovely end to a holiday.