Today was our last day on holiday and the day we completed our house purchase.

As we had a 2.5 hr drive home, we decided to visit the Highland Wildlife Park so CJ could have a run around before the car journey back. We had just arrived and seen the red pandas when the day took a rather stressful turn.

I received a call from our lawyers saying the bank had screwed up the transfer and we didn’t have the mortgage money to transfer for completion in a couple of hours time. Needless to say, after all the issues we had with the bank organising the mortgage and the promises everything was sorted, we were not happy. Luckily we were at the perfect place to ensure CJ stayed entertained while I dealt with the issues. Grandad and S2 took CJ off to view the tigers, while I stayed in the only area with phone coverage to sort everything out.

After a couple of strongly worded conversations with the bank and a few very stressful minutes of waiting for a callback, everything was sorted and I was able to catch up with everyone at the wolfs. CJ loved watching the “dog dogs” and was particularly interested in the statue of one.

We then headed back to Edinburgh – and hopefully to our new home!

Halfway home, we got the call that the house was ours and we could pick up the keys. Excitedly, we headed to the lawyers and got the keys, we then detoured to get Pixel from the cattery before heading to our new home for a look around.

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay too long as we had another important appointment to keep. Tonight we had another baby scan so Grandad could meet bump!

Bump was very well behaved for the scan and is growing as expected (perfectly average).