After the hectic day yesterday, we all start the day rather slowly. After breakfast we headed round to the new house to do the pre-move in clean and assess whether or not we needed to do any work before we moved our furniture and gear.

Luckily there is nothing that we need to do before moving in, but there will be some DIY as we unpack to ensure we make the best use of space etc. Unfortunately the cleaning took a lot longer than expected, but everything was gleaming by the time we had finished.

We brought a car load of boxes with us, including toys for CJ so he had something to keep him quiet while we were all busy – however he was so taken with the garden, that he was happy to play out there and amused himself for ages by lining up stones in the door way. Who needs toys when you have stones!

Once we had finished it was back to the rental to make sure everything was packed and ready for the big move tomorrow – and an early night for everyone!