Today was the day – another moving day. It should be the last one for a few years. We are definitely tired of living out of boxes!

We started the day by getting the truck and then S2 and Grandad worked steadily to fill it with our furniture and boxes. Unlikely last time, we didn’t have to fit everything into one load, so it that respect it was a little easier. But it was just S2 and Grandad doing the move, so it was a long hard day for them. CJ and I helped where we could, but we aren’t much help at lifting heavy objects 🙁

CJ enjoyed helping as much as he could in the truck and would pass the moving blankets and rope as needed!

But slow and steady won the day and by evening, all the furniture and most of the boxes had been moved to the new house. We had even made up all the beds and unpacked some plates before dinner.

And the last load of the day was a very special one – Pixel! Now we can really get settled into our new home and start the task of unpacking!