We have now managed to move most items to the new house. There are still a few items at the rental, but we plan to pick those up as going past during the week – once we have made some space!

And now that everything is in the house we have started putting it all were it belongs but it’s going to take a while as we do some DIY jobs at the same time. Things also seem to take a lot longer when you have a toddler helping with everything!

We have unpacked most of the essential items, however by dinner time we still hadn’t uncovered the highchair, however a Grandad had a perfect solution – one that CJ likes very much!

Poor CJ has had his routine well and truly disrupted over the last couple of weeks and although he is taking it all very well, he hasn’t been sleeping the best – I’m sure once we get his room sorted and back into a routine his sleeping will improve!