Today was our last day with Grandad before he flys back to NZ.

So we finished packing his suitcase and then headed into Edinburgh for I one lady I time. We had to get a couple of last minute presents to send back with him so we did a little bit of shopping in the morning, before heading to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.

We then had a wander of a couple of the tourist streets before, all too soon, it was time to head to the airport.

Saying goodbye is always the hardest part of a great holiday! CJ was extremely good and had a huge cuddle with Grandad – I think he sense the somber mood.

We are not sure when we will see Grandad again in person (hopefully it’s sooner than later), but it’s always hard saying goodbye when you don’t know when the next meeting will be!

At least we all had a great time while he was here and he got to help us move into our new home! And we have Skype, so can easily stay in contact!