I love seeing specalist vehicles like this put to their designed purpose. THis one has obviously seen a lot of love and action.

I love driving, yet I am also surprisingly comfortable with the idea that one day we’ll all be riding in automated self driving vehicles each day.

I suppose I see it a bit like my camera selection…

I have my camera equivalent of an automated vehicle built into my phone for the casual trips and everyday.

But when I want to really enjoy things, I have a real camera, a specalist thing, not for eveyone everyday, but more for when you want a hobby.

I even have some classics, old film cameras I lovingly keep running to really enjoy the good old analogue days when cameras were cameras rather than computers.

I suspect in 50 years, I’ll be saying the same about cars.

Daily automated machines will actually just free us petrol heads up to really go out and enjoy the specalist cars and classics as a hobby rather than a daily grind.

Self driving cars will open us up to really enjoy driving as a specific hobby, track days, open road cruises, events and gatherings.