GD and I walked along part of the river this afternoon – with molly of course 🙂

There are quite a lot of new buildings being built, and some almost finished in Victoria St and on the one way streets around the city centre. There are also a lot still looking very sad and waiting to be demolished – I think there are still over 1oo to come down.

I’m not sure of the fate of this building which was originally a church, then a performing arts centre, before being restored and developed into The Octogen Restaurant – a fine dining venue with live music performances. I have blipped it before when the owner had funny mannequins attached to the scaffolding which was holding up the tower after the September earthquake – but that all collapsed in February 2011.

It was announced in 2012 that it would be saved, but not a lot of progress has been made – although that is a very creative cover to keep it water tight.

B’s music teacher held the end of year recital by her pupils here when it was a performing arts centre, and the acoustics were amazing. We also saw a demolition site that reminded me of childhood days with B.

N.B. That is the IRD building (now unoccupied) in the left background and I’m not sure of its fate either. Will it stay or will it go???