We had a team of engineers and builders through our house today to start our Scope of Works. It was a huge job to assess the damage, check all the levels, and measure the entire house room by room. Everyone arrived at 8am, and the last person left at 5.30pm – that biggest measuring job he has had to do.

All the data will be assessed and then a team of tradesmen will be back in 2 weeks to lift the carpets, remove some segments of the wooden floors and the walls, so the engineers will then know exactly how our home has been damaged so they can plan their repair strategy, and hopefully once work starts (whenever that may be) there will be no surprises or delays.

A very professional team who addressed all of our concerns, plus many more areas of damage that we didn’t know we should be concerned about!!

It was another cold, bleak day ……. although fortunately it cleared mid afternoon so measuring the outside of the house was much easier.

And a last minute blip of my arum lily which is also making progress by opening a little each day