We booked tickets ages ago for Thomas the Tank Engine at Bo’ness railway.

When we booked them we didn’t even really know if LJ would be with us yet. But we figured it was worth a punt in case as it would be a great gift to CJ, especially with his grandparents over.

When we had CJ, I could never have imagined doing this on day 11. But as it happens, it was an amazing day out and LJ and CJ were both amazing.

We were lucky enough to get an old fashioned compartment coach. CJ sat in the window watching in awe as the world flew by and the steam puffed past.

We stayed there exploring the place and watching the trains until little CJ was so exhausted he couldn’t even walk straight. The whole time, he wore a grin from ear to ear and waved at all the passing trains.

I’m not sure who had more fun thought. GD seemed to have at least as much fun as CJ did, then I suppose giggling grandchildren do that…

I can’t wait to take the boys back for the Christmas train.