Today started with brunch at a lovely local pub. As we have been there a couple of times, CJ headed straight for the toy box – but instead of grabbing the Mr Potato heads or books as normal, today he opted for the chess set. And it entertained him for a lot longer than we thought it would – he spent ages placing the pieces onto the board, in a range of different patterns and designs.

After brunch we headed to the Royal Yacht Britannia for a look around. It was really quite amazing and not at all what we had expected. CJ was fascinated by the audio tour machine and had great fun dialling up the different talks and listening to them a we went around the boat.

There was plenty to see, everything was left as if they were ready to sail, including the wombat! I think the officers bar was the most interactive as the boys got to dress up and practice their pouring skills!

We even had a quick coffee in the restaurant that would have hosted world leaders, when the yacht was in commission. Over coffee we were discussing what to have for dinner and in passing we mentioned the option of mussels. CJ, who had been busy playing air guitar with the audio tour machines, suddenly turned and said “muss, muss, muss”. There was then only one option for dinner, so we headed to Loch Fyne, with CJ saying “muss, muss, muss” all the way!