Today we jumped on the train and headed into Edinburgh for a very important event – we were officially registering LJ and getting his birth certificate.

CJ was very excited to be on the train and watched out the window the whole way in. We then made a quick stop to purchase our Hop-on, Hop-off bus tickets (the planned entertainment for the day), while on our way to the LJ’s appointment. All went very smoothly at the registration, so after a few photos, we jumped onto the next bus!

We hadn’t taken CJ on a tour bus before, so he was rather excited to be sitting on the top level, where there was no roof! He sat with GD, pointing out everything. LJ decided he was hungry so unfortunately missed some of the sights but was happy to pose of a few photos of his first bus trip.

After lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, we headed back to complete the second half of the bus tour. It wasn’t long before we all needed a coffee break, so headed to The Grassmarket for a quick drink and a browse in some shops. While walking around CJ found a macaroon tower and refused to go any further until we had purchased one of his favourite biscuits! While in the shop he couldn’t keep his eyes off the tower!

While waiting for the bus, to complete the last couple of stops, there was just enough time for a quick game of ‘Chase the Pigeon’! The bus dropped us at the train station and we got the train home.

However, the day was little too much for poor CJ… And instead of watching out the window he had cuddles (and a small nap) with Puddle Monkey.