Today we took Nan Be and GD to see the gannets at North Berwick. Luckily there was a child friendly boat tour so we headed down to the meeting point in the harbour. While we were waiting to board, CJ and Nan Be checked out the local art work. Once boarded and the safety talk finished, we were on our way.

CJ loved the boat ride out and kept pointing at the waves as the boat skimmed over them. It was pretty cold, but luckily the rain stayed away.

The rock that the gannets live on was amazing! It looked white because of the sheer number of birds that are nesting there. And as you approach the air is full on birds flying – CJ didn’t know where to point first! As we circled the rock we also saw some sea dogs (seals) that were playing in the rocky caves.

And with all those birds flying over head – the myth says that it is good luck should a gannet poo on you! S2 and LJ hope this is the case 🙂 as sure enough, they were the lucky ones!

Once back on shore we had some lunch before heading off to our second tourist attraction for the day – Rosslyn Chapel. This little chapel was made famous by The Da Vinci Code. It’s history is rather incredible and it is beautiful inside. Although it wasn’t long after we got there that little LJ decided he wanted some food, so we headed to the cafe while the others finished there tour.

Inside the visitor centre there are some activities for the kids, so needless to say CJ, S2 and GD spent at lot of time in that area!

It was then time to head home for a quiet night of looking at photos and cuddles with LJ.