Tonight our little mixed family of two British-Kiwis, an English Boy and a Scottish Baby headed down to the polling booth.

LJ is only 2 weeks old, but I snuck him into the pooling booth with me. It seemed only fair given he’s the only full Scot in the family and it’s his future we are voting on…

I actually feel quite humble being able to vote. While we have lived here for just under a year, it already feels like home for us and we plan to be here for quite a while.

Despite that, I expected at least some tension from people on whether ‘immigrants’ like me should be allowed to vote in ‘their’ referendum. The reality however has been everyone I have met has been as encouraging about our right to vote alongside everyone else. It’s refreshing and encouraging.

It’s an amazing democratic process to be involved in. Regardless of what happens from here, it’s a remarkable day.

Time will tell now what happens next, but we all know it’ll be close either way. I just hope that in the morning there is a country ready to give 100% to make the best Scotland we can from the result (whatever that is) and that we don’t end up with a country divided.