Today was a very busy day – and it was full of firsts for little LJ.

In the morning we all took turns entertaining CJ while we got ready to head out to the zoo – although I think Nan Be’s plan of building race tracks outside was his favourite.

We then headed to the zoo for a picnic lunch and a wander around the animals. This was LJ’s first trip to the zoo – but somehow he managed to sleep through the entire visit, except when feeding and missed out on all the photos.

But CJ had a great time showing Nan Be and GD all his favourite animals and we even managed to meet some new ones he hadn’t seen before. One of the best moments was when he introduced Puddle Monkey to the monkeys – the ones that looked like him rushed to the glass to see who this “new” monkey was but most of the others started snarling at the “intruder”. We definitely didn’t expect that much of a reaction from them!

We then headed home for bath time and tonight we decided to give LJ his first proper bath. So we filled up the baby bath and put it in the bath with CJ. CJ loved helping wash his little brother and LJ loved the experience and was happy kicking his legs and waving his arms in the water – he didn’t cry until the very end when we started the waterbabies “welcome to the water” technique of splashing water over his head.

After such a busy day it was then early to bed with everyone feeling rather exhausted!