As the train pulled away, Mum and Dad waved good bye from the window as CJ and I ran alongside the accelerating train like a scene from a war time movie.

I’d normally not be looking forward to this day, but this time I managed to not really think about it.

I’m not sure when we’ll see them again. It’s been an unforgettable month, having them here has given us so many beautiful memories. It’s been so amazing to watch the normal everyday Grandparent and grand kids moments that we miss out on being the other side of the world from our parents.

So as the train pulled out of sight and CJ’s giggles subsided, I turned to see my beautiful wife walking up the platform and even from a distance I cold see a tear in her eye. Right then it hit me that they have gone again.

It’s been amazing Mum and Dad, I’m so glad you could share such a special time with us. Thanks for all the help and laughs. Safe travels.