We have finally reached the day when we have to say goodbye to Nan Be and GD, as they are heading home to NZ. We have loved having them stay with us. And we are so grateful they have been able to spent time with CJ and LJ.

The day started with a trip back to ceramic painting, so we could try to complete the surprise. With the promise of a reward and softplay, CJ was extremely well behaved and we managed to complete the castings. So while LJ had a quick feed, CJ, GD and Wag the dog (his reward) played on the slide and ball pool.

We then headed to lunch and as we head a little way to walk, CJ decided to hitch a ride on a suitcase. But all to soon it was time to get to the train station. Goodbyes are very hard – especially when you don’t know when you will see each other again. But the train was about to depart, so there wasn’t time for a long goodbye – just a couple of photos, last hugs and a final gift for CJ.

After there train departed, we headed for a coffee – feeling rather flat – but watching CJ play with his new toy, soon brought a smile to our faces.

Thank you Nan Be and GD for coming over and helping us over the last few weeks – it has been amazing having you there!