Today was definitely a lot more eventful than it was meant to be. We started off by making quiche for lunch, as E&G were coming over. CJ loved helping line the tin with pastry – but was even more excited when I have him the off-cuts to play with.

We then had a lovely lunch and catch up with E&G.

However it was just after they left that my planned quiet afternoon took a turn. Pixel decided to get into a cat fight – I’m not sure if she won or not but she come away with a wound that was dripping blood. So off I headed to the vets with one very upset cat and two tired kids. Surprisingly everyone behaved at the vets, including Pixel who needed a patch of tummy shaved so they could examine and clean the wound.

Then it was home with a now very hungry LJ, a very excited-but-tired CJ (as pixel has come on a car trip with us to the pet store) and a very upset pixel. Not a combination that end in an quiet afternoon.