Today we went to the zoo with E&G. It was the first time I had taken the two boys by myself and it may have been a little too ambitious, a little too soon.

Although everyone had a good time, there were a few challenging moments. One was trying to feed everyone lunch while LJ and CJ are on different eating schedules as poor CJ didn’t want to sit still while I fed LJ but luckily E&G were happy to entertain CJ with the penguins while LJ had his lunch. Although by the time I had also then given CJ his lunch, it did feel like that was all I was going to achieve during our few hours at the zoo!

The other challenging moment was on the claiming frame when CJ decided he didn’t need to wait for my help and jumped off the monkey bars. A cuddle soon stopped the tears and then he was straight back to try them again – but this time with my help and a grazed chin. I am pretty sure that the incident affected me more than him…

CJ has also found a new favourite animal – the rhinos! We spent ages watching them “swimming” in their pool and eating their lunch. Just like a tour guide he was busy pointing out and explaining what they were doing. We also found the chimps today and CJ was fascinated by them sleeping on their climbing frame.

The zoo will be great once we can get into a more predictable routine so we can make the most of our time rather than just feeding the boys!