Today was a pretty busy day. We started with rugby in the morning – CJ absolutely loves his rugby lessons and he is definitely improving each week, although he still has his moments where he is so excited that he forgets what he is meant to be doing!

After rugby we stopped for coffee and a play at the ceramics cafe. As we had time to spare S2 and CJ even managed to paint a couple of Xmas decorations. We then headed out to lunch with E&R&J&G at a lovely Malaysian restaurant! We had a lovely time as the food was great and the company excellent. The highlight was CJ and J zooming cars across the table at each other and using the dim sim containers as round-a-bouts!

We then headed to an outlet mall for a little bit of shopping. The main reason was that we needed to go to the Le Creuset shop as a couple of my pans was faulty and had to be swapped. But as it was my birthday S2 also let me have a look around and we came out with three bags of goodies.

At home CJ then presented me with a rather large bag of lovely molten brown products and then helped me empty it! Needless to say I am feeling rather spoilt and had a very lovely day!