Just some notes for a future me…

CJ is talking in 2 or three word chunks now… as long as adding please to the end of a pair counts when he wants something.

Hi 2nd molar has just popped through. We aren’t sure when the first one arrived.

Hes started to associate that Mum and I do different things with him (I take him to rugby, I read him bed time stories).

He’s pushing the limits of terrible twos now, when he wants something and doesn’t get it there is a conscious decision to throw a tantrum… except it’s yet to work for him.

He’s amazing with LJ. Gentle and caring. He shares toys and always makes sure LJ has his Wellington giraffe.

LJ is more alert now too. Looking around and watching the world, especially in the evenings.

He loves bath time (even more than CJ did). We are yet to have a single cry even when I tip water on his head.

Sleeping is still a lottery. It seems much harder than it was with CJ, but I think that’s mainly because we have 2 so there’s no chance for an afternoon nap.

All in all, I’m very proud of my two amazing boys.