Today after rugby we took a quick train trip into Edinburgh to buy the last few items for CJ’s new room. CJ loved the train ride but as soon as we arrived he decided he wanted a snack, so we headed to Hotel Chocolate for a morning tea break. We then completed our errands and returned home, so S2 and CJ could make up the bed.

CJ was very excited to be doing some more DIY. And he was very helpful, holding the frame, putting in the doweling, passing the screws, and getting the tools when they were needed. With the two of them working so efficiently, it didn’t take they very long to assemble, we then we added the pirate duvet and pillow and it was ready for CJ to try.

And he loved it! There was lots of games and giggles before dinner to help him get use to it being slightly higher than the cot and then at bedtime S2 sat beside him to read his bedtime stories to help him settle.

And once he’d gone to bed we were left with the realisation – our little boy is growing up.