We had been promising CJ a train ride for a few weeks now but there has been engineering works at the weekends – so no trains have been running. But today there was a train, so we headed out to North Berwick.

As we got off the train, CJ asked for some lunch, so we headed to a lovely local pub just as they opened up. It was lovely local produce and a very cozy atmosphere. CJ was happy to sit and watch thomas on the phone and LJ enjoyed chillin out on the bench seats.

After lunch we headed to the beach – which was the long way back to the station. CJ saw the open field and just started running around. He was especially taken with the old boat anchor and was happy to just run around and around it! Although once S2 showed him how to go under, he would occasionally do that.

After CJ was exhausted, we headed back to the train and headed home… It was a lovely day out!