Today we had a normal Saturday. We headed to rugby in the morning, however as CJ is teething (lower molar is coming through), he didn’t want to participate in everything. He did the passing and kicking but when it came to running, he tried to avoid it – not that I can blame him as his tooth is probably pretty sore.

We then headed out for lunch at our usual cafe (with softplay) and had a great time. There were a couple of toddlers the same age as CJ and they all played together brilliantly.

We then completed a couple of errands before heading home to watch the rugby and have a quiet afternoon. And a quiet afternoon was just what CJ needed as he was feeling a little sorry for himself by this stage.

But S2 worked out how to get a smile – balloon animals! Plenty of giggles followed as CJ flew them around the house.

We then changed the bedtime routine a little to Include LJ so he could go to bed at the same time as CJ, as for the last few nights he has been sleeping more than feeding in the evenings . The results were surprising and after getting him to sleep he stayed asleep giving us a very brief child free evening.