…I was driving to screwfix to buy electrical components.

It may not a be poppy or a memorial photo, but it’s how I remember my Granddad.

I really wanted to start this project tonight as there is a small part of him behind it.

When I get stuck on DIY, or I’m nervous to try and fix or build something I remember him. It gives me a great strength and confidence to think about his magical workshop and how he could create or fix almost anything.

As I’ve grown older I’ve come to realise that he didn’t learn by being taught. He learnt by giving things a go and learning to adapt his plans as he went. It was more about how his brain worked than some process of magic, despite how it appeared to me at the time.

This is the parts for my top secret Christmas present for S1. It’s so top secret that even once it’s assembled I’m confident she still won’t know what it is until the big reveal – so I can comfortably assemble it on the lounge floor.

Before I started buying the parts for this project, I felt a horrible fear building over ‘what if I can’t get it to work’. But when I think of my Granddad I realise that if it goes wrong I’ll learn something, I’ll innovate and iterate, I’ll put in the hard work needed until it does work, and the next project will be easier for it.

If it wasn’t for him, I know I’d never have the confidence to try a project like this.

I doubt I’ll ever have a magical skill like he did, but I can dream.